8mm have the style, the sound, and most importantly, the voice to insure they’ll be around for a long time. Comprised of Sean Beavan, Jon Nicholson, and Juliette Beavan, 8mm set the bar high on their fifth album Between the Devil And Two Black Hearts. Quite simply, it’s eight tracks of pure soul with some good ole country twang that could easily be heard on an episode of Justified, Sons Of Anarchy, or Longmire.

That statement especially rings true as the the title track opens up the album with its sing-a-long chorus amidst a steady backbeat and handclaps. “Kin” rocks harder than most of the songs out on modern radio today and its driven by the lovely Juliette Beavan who brings 110% to every song. “Around The Sun” just quakes beneath the weight of Beavan’s pipes while Nicholson pounds away and multi-instrumentalist Sean layers everything perfectly and effortlessly.

Juliette has one of the most unique voices in modern music. At times she’s restrained as on the duet “The Weight Of You” while at others, she comes alive with a fire that’s unparalleled (“The One”). “You Brought The Fire” is another one that highlights the subtle intricacies of the band while Juliette shines in the spotlight.

The Devil And Two Black Hearts is out now through Chelsea Girl Records. Get yours (And check out samples) here and here.

Grade: B+

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