Neurosis is one of those bands that I know I should be a fan of but I’ve never been really. That changed with 2007’s Given To The Rising which I forced myself to listen to because I felt I owed all of the bands I liked already who credited Neurosis as an influence. Given… did not disappoint and I found myself on the edge of my seat with anticipation at the arrival of the one you’re reading about now.

But I digress.

Neurosis has created yet another album with Honor Found In Decay that not only proves why they are not only looked up to by so many of today’s post-rock luminaries but also manage to stay ahead of the trends album after album. On their tenth album, and first in five years, Neurosis find a lo-fi tribal place that brims with intensity and churning riffs. Produced once again by the legendary Steve Albini (Shellac), Honor Found In Decay sees the six headed monster that is Neurosis continuing to push the boundaries of musical excellence.

At six and a half minutes long, “We All Rage In Blood” is a slow grower but also one of the shortest songs on Honor… With eerie keys to preface the oncoming doom, the guitars slowly build to a deafening rhythm that doesn’t let up until the blistering monolith of a breakdown that ends the track. The twenty minutes that follow are hallowed screams of agony and noise that are almost inhuman. Through it all, drummer Jason Roeder comes out as the champion of Honor… as he pummels and plods along endlessly and effortlessly (Listen to “At The Well” and tell me I’m wrong).

Elsewhere on Honor… are some of the most bluesy and melodic passages Neurosis has recorded to date (“Casting Of The Ages” especially). However, it’s “Bleeding The Pigs” that is the one to watch out for. It simmers for a good five minutes until exploding in a wall of guitar driven feedback and tribal apocalyptic drums. It’s Neurosis incarnate and everything a fan of theirs could want. “Raise The Dawn” adds even more with these intricate macabre string lines that only add to the overall feel of dread on Honor…

Scott Kelly and Steve Von Till are in fine form once again and have made yet another album that is a shining moment in Neurosis’ glorious legacy and one that is just as relevant and potent as when Pain Of Mind was released over 25 years ago.

Honor Found In Decay is out on October 30th. Here’s where you can find yours.

Grade: A+

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