Are you afraid that Green Day has gone off the deep end? Do you like your rock anthems tempered with some flavor? Do you know Billy Talent? Because if you do, it’s probably worth your while to check out their latest, Dead Silence, which blends power punk with some good old Flogging Molly/Dropkick Murphys style anthems.

“Lonely Road To Absolution” is a quick little ditty that leads into the stadium ready anthem “Viking Death March”. This is the one that is sure to live on in the BT catalog. Big choruses, a poignant message, and a driving rhythm section move this song to great heights. “Surprise Surprise” leans to the pop side and is just a great song all around with a memorable hook that’s sure to go over superbly at the live shows.

“Runnin’ Across The Tracks” is another classic anthem as Benjamin Kowalewicz screams with conviction on every verse delivered. “Love Was Still Around” comes off as Chrsitopher Hall of The Dreaming/Stabbing Westward fronting Green Day or My Chemical Romance. “Crooked Minds” is another one that brings the former Stabbing Westward vocalist to mind especially with that relentless scream pushed to the forefront once again. As listeners progress into Dead Silence, aural treats like “Don’t Count On The Wicked” along with the epic title track closer present themselves and prove why Billy Talent is one of the strongest mainstays around today.

Dead Silence is out now. Listen to it here and then get yours here.

Grade: B



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