Brian Molko is on my list. Everyone has one. I have one for ladies and for gents and Brian Molko has been a constant since I discovered Placebo in the late ’90’s which made their disaster of a last album all the more heartbreaking (I’m not even going to mention it by name in this post). Anyway, when I heard kind of last minute that they had not only an impending EP but a new full-length on the way in early 2013 my hopes were not high.

I am so pleased to report that B3 will easily make me forget the album that shall not be named. Five tracks (Including a cover) is all it took for that album to be erased from my mind. Hopefully, this is a good indication of what’s to come next March.

Taking a few steps backwards, “B3” is this electro rocker in the vein of “Taste In Men” with a beat reminiscent of “Pure Morning”. It’s a refreshing return to form and has reinvigorated my interest in the band (And should definitely reinvigorate yours!). The Minxus cover (“I Know You Want To Stop”) that follows is further proof that Placebo is back from the dead. “The Extra” is a moody number that could easily sit beside the greats on Without You I’m Nothing with its’ “Show me how to live” chorus while the creepy “I.K.W.Y.L” (“I Know Where You Live”) brings to mind Black Market Music. Closing with the epic seven-minute piano led “Time Is Money”, Placebo solidify B3 as a true comeback.

B3 is out on October 15. Buy yourself one right here and renew your love for Placebo as I did upon hearing this magnificent EP.

Grade: A+




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