Ladies and gentlemen, it is my privilege to introduce a new weekly feature to Popblerd – “The Carlton Shuffle!”

Once upon a time, people went to brick and mortar shops where they paid money for music that was stored on physical media that you could see, touch, carry, and snuggle with. These “shops” also had a number of employees, many of whom actually cared about music. In those days, a common feature of the record store (wrecka stow?) was the “Staff Picks” shelf, wherein staff members selected an album or two that they were really digging at the moment.

Here at Popblerd, “The Carlton Shuffle” is a similar concept. Each week, our team members will select on track that’s been in their heavy rotation, and we’re compiling them into a weekly Spotify playlist. The first installment is likely indicative of where these will go, being typically representative of our diverse tastes over here at team Blerd.


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