Plucky…that’s the word I’d like to use in reference to Solange Knowles.

She could’ve been content to bask in the afterglow of the aura created by her sister, multi-hyphenate Beyonce. However, Little Sis is determined to make a name for herself as an artist in her own right. And no disrespect to Mama Carter, but if you ask me, Solange makes better music.

“Losing You” has a cool, midtempo dance vibe, kinda like something I’d expect to hear maybe from Jody Watley. The video-shot in South Africa-is certainly worth a look as well. The colorful men in the  video are Sapeurs-part of a culture in which zoot suits are the norm (read more about it here, it’s pretty fascinating.)

Kudos to Solange for getting to the point where her pronounced off-centeredness seems less like artifice and finally like who she is. Kudos to her for the slammin’ song, too.

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