Where do we start?

How about with the fact that despite the fact that Christina Aguilera is blessed with an amazing voice, she continues to push sex in her fans’ faces, despite the fact that the public’s lukewarm reaction to songs like “Dirrty” (geez, was that ten years ago?) speaks volumes about how most people feel about that vibe coming from her.

“Your Body” is a pleasant enough song, I can dance to it. While the lyrics are unnecessarily dirty (IMHO) I’m enough of a potty mouth to not really care too much about it. But the video, though. Geez man.

Girl, put your stuff away. And stop equating female empowerment with male bashing-literal or figurative. It’s just nasty. And not nasty in a Vanity 6 push-the-envelope titillating way. Not even nasty in a 1986 Miss Jackson way. More like nasty in a 2006 Janet “please-put-away-your-titties-we’ve-seen-them-far-too-many-times” way. Some songs are better enjoyed without having to associate them with visuals. Sigh.

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