Think of Wot Gorilla? as the UK’s answer to Circa Survive without the airy pretentiousness that Circa sometimes exude. On their debut Kebnekaise, WG? hone their craft to make a compelling and original sonic journey.

Beginning with instrumental “I Beat Up The Bathroom”, Wot Gorilla? immediately set the tone with their structured grooves which at times remind listeners of Don Caballero and others Yourcodenameis:Milo especially with singer/guitarist Mat Haigh’s style showcased on the next track, “Melted Welly”.

From there, the high points come one after the other. At one moment, you’ll be sitting down and grooving out to “Is” while at another an instrumental like “SB” changes the mood completely and you’ll find yourself on your feet. Then a song like “Suspects” comes along and you’ll swear there’s something wrong with your stereo/computer but don’t fret, Wot Gorilla? just happen to be a master of time changes. “655” is a little more straightforward and sees Simon Marks, Ben Farnell, and Jonny Hey operate as a solid unit as Haigh croons on.

“Spanning Time” is another cool track that focuses on the instrumental side of WG? and leads into the one that started it all, “Snow White”, to close out Kebnekaise. Through and through, Kebnekaise is a great album that effortlessly balances prog and pop.

Kebnekaise is out now. Find your own copy here.

Grade: B

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