Who the hell are the Sheepdogs? Well, if you’re not asking that question now, you were almost certainly asking that question when the hirsute Canadian band became the first unsigned act to appear on the cover of Rolling Stone a year or so ago. They entered-and won-the venerable music mag’s “Choose the Cover” competition and achieved a milestone that some of music’s biggest acts can’t boast about.

In their native country, The Sheepdogs are kinda a big deal, with Gold albums, Juno Awards (the Canuck Grammy) and such, but they are still pretty much an unknown quantity in the States. That might change with the recent release of their self-titled album and a hilarious video for the song “The Way It Is.” With the assistance of the folks at Funny or Die and some kids who were obviously game to get clowned, The Sheepdogs have succeeded in making a good but fairly unmemorable song good and memorable. Good on them!

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