I kept meaning to review 2:54’s amazing debut on the site but things kept getting in the way. I hope this write up is a fitting apology as it forced me to sit down and type until I could type no more. Think of their cover of Seal’s “Killer” as a gateway drug into the seductive gloom of 2:54.

Rarely do covers top or come close to the original but 2:54’s haunting rendition of “Killer” is one of the few that rises above the rest. That memorable bass line thumping on is still here while the electronic beats have been replaced by tribal drums that are almost dub at times. Amidst the vivid soundscapes that 2:54 paint here there are gorgeous piano lines added while Seal’s raspy delivery is replaced by Thurlow’s lush vocals.

Check out “Killer’ below and make sure to pick up 2:54 out now.

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