I’m not sure there will be a more potent song title to come out this year than the first single off of Dethklok’s upcoming Dethalbum III (Due October 16th on Williams Street Records) entitled “I Ejaculate Fire”. As a song title, it’s hilarious. As a song itself, however, it’s downright vicious. At this point in their “career” I don’t think anyone can doubt how serious Dethklok is about making kick ass metal regardless of the ridiculousness that surrounds Metalocalypse and on “I Ejaculate Fire”, the “band” once again goes for the throat and proves it.

Creator/guitarist/vocalist Brendon Small has to be one of the most unassuming beasts in metal today but he just continues to bring it with each new song he writes. “I Ejaculate Fire” burns below. Dethalbum III is out in October.




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