July 15, 2012 a day that will live in infamy most of us were enjoying the nice weather. Little did we know that a man who went to college in Boston would be setting the world on fire with his latest release. Oppa Gangnam style is the first line we hear from this song then we see this little kid dancing with this odd man behind him. The video follows him through a horse stable, in a bath house, some guy pelvic thrusting over him in an elevator. Needless to say Psy went over the top with this video and looked like he was having fun while doing it. I did some research I talked to my coworker who is Korean and is from the gangnam area of Seoul. Apparently Gangnam is the Bevery Hills of Seoul where lavish lifestyles are the norm and this video reflects that well. Since this video has been put on YouTube there have been 151 million views. I’m not sure if this will be the beginning of the K-pop revolution. If it is I’m excited to see what comes next.

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