Two great tastes that taste great together. Obviously I’m talking about the UK’s earthtone9 covering Entombed’s “Wolverine Blues”. For those of you not already aware, the mighty earthtone9 have returned and are set to record the appropriately titled IV (It’s their fourth album!) full-length album next month. In the interim, they’ve decided to release a cover of the legendary Swedish metallers Entombed’s crossover hit “Wolverine Blues”

While not indicative of the e9 sound, “Wolverine Blues” is still a hefty slab of earthtone9 goodness. Vocalist Karl Middleton adds some extra snarl to Entombed frontman Lars Göran Petrov’s already vicious delivery, guitarists Owen Packard and Gez Walton lay down some heavy riffing on top of the already classic guitar lines and returning drummer Simon Hutchby pounds away heavier than the original (And let’s not forget bassist Russ Stedman who delivers a brutal low end throughout).

The best part about “Wolverine Blues”? It’s free so if you don’t like it, you can’t bitch about the price! But really, it’s earthtone9 AND Entombed. What’s not to like? Get yours here. If you like what you hear, maybe give the band some money via their pledgemusic campaign? I know you’ll wanna after hearing this.

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