I joked with Big Money that this would be a two-word blog post that said, “Absolutely nothing!” But, I didn’t want to be a troll on our own blog. So if you missed last night’s VMAs, what did you really miss? I was a bit hard pressed to come up with some eventful things as the show lacked star power and creativity, but here goes:

Chris Brown And Rihanna Share A Moment

Big Money told me a few days ago that the word going around was that Chris Brown and Rihanna would reunite on stage at the VMAs. That rumor almost made me want to skip this show entirely. But it didn’t happen that way. Actually, it wasn’t even on the show itself. After Rihanna won an award, she walked behind the stage and Chris Brown stood up, gave her a small peck, and they shared a hug. Even though every bone in my body abhors Brown and I feel she and every other female in the world should avoid him like he has the clap, it seemed innocent and I’m glad they didn’t do it on the big stage, sending a horrendous message to females anywhere.


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But what the heck was up with Brown’s hair last night? I know the diminutive Kevin Hart was hosting, but did he have to style himself after another diminutive one; Sisqo from Dru Hill?

Jacob And Edward, Yet No Bella

In Hart’s monologue, he mentioned how he was going to talk about whatever he wanted. Nobody was off limits. And brought up Kristen Stewart, aka Bella from Twilight. Miss Stewart and Robert Pattinson aka Edward The Vampire had a thing going on in real life. That is until Miss Stewart was seen by paparazzi cupcaking with Rupert Sanders, director of the movie Snow White & The Huntsman, which she stars in. Thus, Edward and Bella are no more.

However, all of the stars of Twilight were at the VMAs promoting the last film in the Twilight series, Breaking Dawn: Part 2, except for Miss Stewart. She was out promoting another film she’s starring in at the Toronto International Film Festival. Her absence spoke loudly, but Pattinson and his co-stars including Taylor Lautner looked happy to be there. Also there was Peter Facinelli, aka Mr. Kelly Taylor, sighting. Too soon?


Alica Keyes, Nicki Minaj, And Gabby Douglass

Some may have enjoyed Green Day, Taylor Swift, or Rihanna’s performances more, but to me, Alicia Keys’ performance of Girl On Fire was the best of the night. Keys was in decent voice, had an interesting look with slicked back hair and cleavage down to her navel (or maybe no cleavage based on your definition) and had Nicki Minaj and US gold medal gymnast Gabby Douglas by her side. In the song, Minaj name-drops Douglas.

But where was my girl McKayla Maroney? Wouldn’t this have been the proper set up for Maroney to look a little unimpressed since she wasn’t asked to be doing back hand springs on the stage? I feel like they dropped the ball here. In fact, McKayle was not impressed with the fact that they dropped the ball!


This show really lacked anything newsworthy and I highly doubt anyone talks about this show at the water cooler today. (Do offices still have water coolers?) What is probably the biggest story is how little star power the show did have. We didn’t see Kim and Kanye, Jay and Beyonce, any real movie stars of note, and save for Dwight Howard, no real star pro athletes. Overall, McKayla was not impressed.

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