It’s no secret that we here at Popblerd are big fans of singer, songwriter, and musical jack-of-all-trades Bleu McAuley. We also harbor a similar affinity for David Mead, whose delightful record Dudes made waves around the office last year. We also severely idolize Prince, who we’re fond of because we like music. Prince boasts no credits on Bleu’s brand-new song “It’s Not Over (‘Til it’s Over and Done)” – co-written with David Mead – but Bleu’s fierce falsetto at times recalls the Purple One, so he clearly warrants mention.

As Bleu noted when we interviewed him last September, he’s been hard at work at a new record, one which would re-introduce some of the electronic elements that he largely abandoned after his first couple of albums; this early track hints at the new direction, subtle electronic elements shifting and warping a traditional-style pop song into a potent, kooky torch ballad, and perhaps most importantly, puts front and center Bleu and Mead’s gifts for turning pop music on its ear enough to be exciting, but not enough to be alienating. Structurally and melodically, “It’s Not Over” reaches as far back as doo-wop for inspiration; in practice, carnival organs bash out the chords, and Bleu shreds a strutting, acrobatic vocal over the whole concoction. It’s as fascinating as ever, and further proof that Bleu and Mead should really be on any self-respecting pop fan’s radar. So for now, I’ll direct you to listen below, while I continue to replay the white-hot piano trill at 1:52 and ponder whether it’s the best thing I’ve ever heard or simply in the top 10.

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