While there is nothing inherently wrong with the Kickstarter-funded Wait For The Siren, Project 86’s latest, there just seems an overall sense that the band has taken about ten steps backward in their musical progression. Maybe Picket Fence Cartel was the pinnacle and WFTS is a kind of rebirth in the vein of 2003’s Songs To Burn Your Bridges By. Maybe time will tell but for now, WFTS just seems stale in P86’s musical legacy.

Beginning with the sing-a-long romp of “Fall Goliath Fall”, Project 86 play things pretty straight forward until the unbelievably aggressive cacophony of “SOTS” plays out next featuring guest vocals from Bruce Fitzhugh of Living Sacrifice. “Omerta Sons” is the kind of song Project 86 fans deserve. It’s a song that just moves propelled by Andrew Schwab’s vocal presence and some seriously kick ass guitar riffage. “Off The Grid” and “New Transmission” could’ve been on any Project 86 album released in the last decade. “Defector” raises the bar slightly and brings some hope to the proceedings through an interesting song structure and Scwab’s defining performance. However, “The Crossfire Gambit” which follows is your token standard metal fare and while “Blood Moon” is interesting enough with its quiet grooves and heavy accents, it proves to be too little too late.

Maybe Wait For The Siren is a grower and down the road, it’ll be that album I’ll kick myself in the head for not liking right away but for now it’s just a speed bump in the road towards the musical greatness I know Project 86 can achieve.

Wait For The Siren is out on August 21st. Pre-order packages are available here.

Grade: C

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