Despite its title, this is not an article about sexual preference. I’m an introvert so sometimes it’s hard to show my true emotions to the world but I think we all hit the point when we feel the need to shine.

Some time ago, while feeling inspired to grow as an individual, I  wrote a poem entitled “The Brand”:
The way in which my thoughts connect
People tell me I am the man
I’m not the man I am The Brand
Let me help you understand.
A man will go through life
Without people knowing his name
A Brand will stand out in a crowd
And be recognized for its fame.
A man can go through life,
Thinking he made it so far
But it seems it’s the brands associated
that estimate how successful you are
A man can be an icon
But the icon is the brand
If the icon is the brand,
Then the brand brands the man.

The point is, time and time again I am reminded that we need some type of exposure to be successful. At work, the goal is to stand out with upper management so you can get recognized for all your hard work. In any outside endeavors, make your presence known by showing who you are and displaying your hidden talents.

Get your personal website, Twitter page, Facebook account, LinkedIn, etc up. Let’s let the world know our existence. I look forward to your announcement.  I have a few coming shortly myself.

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