I doubt there will be a more earnest and real metal album in 2012 than the one Texas Hippie Coalition is about to release. Peacemaker is the beasts name and rocking hard is its’ game. Consisting of memorable hooks, hard riffs and enough heart to keep fans coming back for more, Peacemaker is the ultimate THC album and one that’s sure to be a milestone in their musical legacy.

At times channeling Lynyrd Skynyrd and ZZ Top while others they seem like an amalgamation of Pantera and Pride & Glory (Zakk Wylde’s pre-BLS outfit if you didn’t already know), Texas Hippie Coalition bridge the generation gap completely on Peacemaker. That’s apparent from the onset as “Get Your Hands Up” explodes and leads into the equally, if not more, volatile “Damn You To Hell” which is definitely going to be the next THC live favorite. It’s a rollicking shredfest and southern metal done exceptionally well.

“8 Seconds” has the swagger of classic ZZ Top as Big Dad Ritch sings about Bull Riding while “Outlaw” is an anthem and a half. Speaking of anthems, the ultimate stripper anthem “Turn It Up” still bites just as deadly as it was first introduced to listeners earlier this year. Even when they slow down and get serious as on the excellent “Don’t Come Lookin” or closer “Think Of Me” (A spiritual successor to Motley Crue’s “Home Sweet Home”), Texas Hippie Coalition still manage to keep listeners enthralled as when they’re singing about sex and drugs and rock and roll (Like on the appropriately titled “Sex & Drugs & Rock and Roll”). However, no song on Peacemaker compares to the title track. Heavy as a ten ton hammer and filled with enough soul to decimate the Motown catalog, “Peacemaker” is the only song you’ll ever need to convince you that THC is the real deal.

 Peacemaker is out on August 14th through Carved Records. Pre-order a copy today here.

Grade: A+

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