Three people you hear almost as much as Mariah Carey on the new Mariah Carey single:

1) Rick Ross

2) Meek Mill

3) Jermaine Dupri


You are 42 years old. Can you please stop trying to be hip, and just sing? Not that the diva sounds ill-at-ease on the first single from her upcoming album (and first since giving birth to twins a year ago,) but she does sound like she’s chasing a hit rather than making the music she’s capable of. Although, after album after album in which it seemed like “oh man, maybe Mariah’s gonna make a REALLY good string of records,” at this point I’m just thinking it’s never gonna happen. So, I’m disappointed.

“Triumphant” isn’t bad, but I could think of at least 50 Mariah songs that I enjoy more. She sounds in strong voice here, at least. Still, act your age woman! Granted, Mary J. Blige (who, let’s remember, is only a year younger than Mariah) hasn’t exactly slowed down on the hip-hop cameo front, but at least her lyrics reveal a certain maturity, and the rappers she chooses to work with are almost always appropriate for her sound. Mimi? No mas. Here’s hoping this song isn’t indicative of the rest of her upcoming work.

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