I was taught to judge people by the content of their character. It’s unfortunate that those you should be leery of don’t come with yellow and black caution tape wrapped around their bodies. However, we must learn to trust our gut instincts when dealing with some individuals.

People don’t always have our best interest at heart so it’s a must that we safeguard ourselves. Sometimes it’s a pleasure to meet an asshole at hello. I respect them for who they are as they reveal themselves from the beginning. I then have the opportunity to get a handle on what our relationship will be; if at all.

There are, in fact, great people in this world but wolves in sheep clothing are of another breed. They find ways to manipulate situations and take advantage of you when opportunity reveals itself. The worst part about it is there are herds of them and some go as far as calling themselves your friends. How do you define a friend?

I believe in giving someone the benefit of the doubt. Your gut isn’t always right but it is important to explore the reasons why you may feel a certain way towards an individual. Did he/she say something so offensive that it lingered in your head for too long to not be acknowledged? Can you hear something else behind the statements they make or the sarcasm in their voices? Did they act in a negative fashion, whether big or small, that completely turned you off? Does he/she want to know too much about your personal life? Do they run with a suspicious crowd? Was their handshake not quite right? These are good reasons to be a bit apprehensive about letting your guard down with this person.

The next time you are staring at someone through the corner of your eye, acknowledge that feeling. Your enemies might be closer than you think.

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