From the onset of The Fixx’s latest album Beautiful Friction (Their first in nine years), it is absolutely apparent that unlike some of their ’80’s contemporaries this band has survived fully intact with a singer whose unmistakable voice sounds as strong as ever. Nothing says this better than opener and lead single “Anyone Else” which captures the spirit of some of the bands earlier singles blending new-wave, pop, and rock effortlessly and could easily be mistaken for the new Killers single. Except that it’s better and vocalist Cy Curnin will always wipe the floor with Brandon Flowers.

“Just Before Dawn” changes the pace as returning bassist Dan K. Brown lays down a killer groove amidst a steady backbeat. Later on, “Follow That Cab” ups the rock ante considerably with its’ opening guitar line delivered by Jamie West-Oram that just shreds while the moody dreamy six minute epic “Something Ahead Of You” is a great indication of where 21st Century The Fixx are headed thanks to the mood set by keyboardist Rupert Greenall. Finishing up with the dub influence of “Girl With No Ceiling” and “Small Thoughts” which is just classic The Fixx, Beautiful Friction climaxes with a bang.

Still as important as ever at crafting memorable songs that transcend genres, The Fixx is not just new-wave or pop rock, The Fixx make music that is compelling and heartfelt and most importantly, relevant. Beautiful Friction proves that to a tee.

Beautiful Friction is out now through Kirtland Records. Go to their official website to find out where to get your copy.

Grade: B+


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