My soul is bruised y’all. Troubled times. Troubled times. I never claimed to be deeply religious but I do believe in God. I admit I should pray a bit more often. I am guilty of falling into the category of reaching out to Him mostly when times are rough instead of just because.

Sometimes my heart weighs so heavy I am able to hear the beat of it pounding in my head. That’s when I know I need help.  At that point I usually turn off the lights in my room and talk to Him. It’s amusing to me how I get answers back. It’s never a  straight forward response. Like if I speak to Him about money issues, I’m not going to win the lottery; instead I’d find a coin on the ground to start my new found wealth. If I tell Him I’m unhappy with a decision I made, He makes me think about my impatience and live with it for a period of time to learn from my mistake and then frees me of it eventually. But when I tell Him I need Him, He’s always there.

I, for one, have a fear of failing; failing at happiness, failing at love, failing at success, failing at life and most of all failing Him. But I don’t feel pity for myself. You shouldn’t either. I embrace difficulty. A life without challenges is not a life worth living. We need to fall sometimes in order to stand for something, suffer sometimes in order to appreciate rejoicing, and fail in order to become winners.

Nonetheless, whatever it is we go through, it’s that guidance that gets us over the top…at least it is for me.

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