I went to see Ted this past weekend…It was fan-farlene-tastic. Now, I had heard a couple different things going in. Lots of complaints, and lots of rave reviews. I can see why the people that were upset got that way… My advice to them for the future is, IT’S A SETH MACFARLANE MOVIE! What were you expecting?? Personally, I was laughing to the point of tears and snorting like a pig. I paint a nice picture, no? Anyways, the movie is crass, and hilarious. There are so many moments of, “OHHH!” You know, when you use that tone of voice that is totally amused, but you are sort of offended? However you find that you want to laugh more than be offended, or you want those people that are offended to not lecture you because you laughed right away? Secretly in your head you are saying, ‘That is so offensive….but sort of right…and kind of hilarious.” You all know what I’m talking about, so do not even pretend you don’t.

Mila Kunis is gorgeous and sassy (no one wants to say “Shut up, Meg”). Mark Walberg is bringing in his “Dorchestah” accent, and while he is the most jacked insurance agent I have seen, he is also a complete riot. Seth does a fantastic job of giving Ted a voice and personality, which I will say is unique. The relationship between John (Walberg) and Ted is some what akin to Brian and Stewie or Brian and Peter. There are definitely similarities between them.  *Spoiler* I love that Macfarlane also has some nice guest spots to other actors that voice Family Guy characters.

My opinion, you need a good laugh? Go see it. The portrayal of New Englanders is perfect! If you are from the NE you might enjoy it just that much more…Or get more irrationally angry and yell at the screen, “What AH YOU SAYIN’ I sound DUMB or SUMFIN? You think you AH BETTAH THAN ME? YOU AIN’T BETTAH YOU AH A LOSAH!” Let me put it simply” Me Gusta Ted.

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