For her latest project, singer/songwriter/bassist extraordinaire Meshell Ndegeocello has decided to pay tribute to the iconic yet underrated Nina Simone. Both artists are known for crossing back and forth between intensely political music and superbly sensual songs, so it makes sense that Meshell would pay tribute.

Pour Une Ane Souvereine comes less than a year after Meshell’s excellent, Joe Henry-produced Weather, and promises to be quite the exciting project. The first music to emerge from this project is a version of “Be My Husband.” It features a captivating vocalist by the name of Valerie June, as well as Meshell’s typically fleet-fingered bass playing. As someone who will buy anything Meshell puts out, I’m already excited. As someone who is well aware of the genius of Dr. Simone, I’m even more excited.

Check out “Be My Husband” on NPR here.

Check out Nina’s version below.

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