If you thought No Doubt would come back after a decade-plus layoff sounding different, well you’re sadly mistaken. Gwen, Tony, Adrian and Tom have finally released the first single from their long-awaited new album Push & Shove, which is due on September 25. The song’s called “Settle Down,” and it’s right in line with the sunny, bass-filled reggae sounds that the band showed us on their last studio album, Rock Steady. Vocally, Gwen remains ageless, and musically, it hits that nice summer sweet spot. It might be time to wonder if Gwen has perhaps been more influential on today’s music than we realize. I hear a bit of M.I.A.  (as well as some Nelly Furtado) in this song, and instead of making me wonder if No Doubt had been listening to a ton of Maya during their break, I wonder if M.I.A.’s sound might have been influenced by the last couple of No Doubt records.

At any rate, the song is solid despite maybe being a minute or so too long. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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