Sometimes an album comes along that just rocks all the way through. The songs are memorable, the riffs are hard, and the beats are driving. It’s the kind of album one finds themselves cranking up on the stereo of their car and just singing along to the choruses at the top of their lungs for no reason other than the fact the songs just rock.  Minneapolis hard rock outfit 3 Pill Morning have an album that fits that bill to a tee with Black Tie Love Affair.

On first listen, Black Tie Love Affair is reminiscent in tone to band’s like Lo-Pro and Cold. The songs are solid, well written and greatly executed emotional hard rock anthems. “Rain” begins with a chugging guitar line that explodes the moment Trent Laugerman’s bombastic drums chime in. If you’re not at least intrigued by BTLA after that, then follow-up “Skin” will hook you for sure as Ryan Walch lays down some intricate riffage. Vocalist Jeff Stebbins adds so much to each and every song with a soulful, unique delivery that has the slightest hint of a country twang in there as well. And let us not forget bassist Charlie McCoy who lays a solid foundation throughout (“So Good To Leave” and  “Revolution” come to mind instantly).

As for the rest of Black Tie Love Affair, “Loser” is primed to be the next great hard rock anthem. “Take Control” sways effortlessly between heavy and heartfelt while closer “Drive By Lies” sounds like a great lead-in to album number two with some standout playing from all of 3 Pill Morning ending the proceedings on a heavy note. In short, Black Tie Love Affair is tops featuring ten songs that are true gems.

3 Pill Morning’s Black Tie Love Affair is out on July 17th. Pick it up digitally through Itunes or check out the pre-order packages over on the 3 Pill Morning’s website.



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