I don’t know about you but I need accomplishments to assure me that everything is going in the right direction. I think sometimes we get too comfortable in everyday life and accept the things that we are given instead of reaching for the stars.


If it sounds like I complain about my job a lot, maybe it’s because I do. Don’t get me wrong, I truly feel blessed to be amongst the working class while so many are unemployed. I don’t really dislike my job. It has its average ups and downs. However, me being the big dreamer that I am, I know there has to be a better way.


Why is it that we do not apply the same amount of effort in our personal lives as we do for our employers? Think about it. Your boss says he/she needs a task done by a certain time and you deliver but when you need to take care of something for yourself it is put off until later. Later hardly ever comes.


In a 24 hour period, do you realize how many hours you devote to your job? Do you realize that work actually begins at the forced awakening by the alarm clock? Once you are conscious enough to hear that annoying sound, you are on “company time”; unpaid time at that. Finally arriving at the office is when they consider your “8 hour shift” to begin. When you do what is expected of you and punch in and out on the dot, you’re considered an average employee. When your work ethic is to achieve a bit more for the day and stay later, you are accused of milking the clock. When you are an exempt employee, they take advantage of you because they want you to do more and go the extra length without having to pay you overtime for the extra work. Not to mention, your lunch break is only a half hour in which they prefer you to eat and work at your desk.


You don’t really have to remind yourself of why you work. The majority of the time the reason would be because of responsibilities; maintaining a roof over your head, clothes on your back, food on the table for you and the family, etc. Let’s, however, not forget the responsibility we have to ourselves.


Personally once I finally get home, unless I’m truly burnt out, I allocate time to work on my spaceship before retiring each night. Are you not working on yours? You need to be. It can be anything: a novel you want to write, an unfinished painting, filling out school applications; anything that moves you forward.

My spaceship is massive; it has compartments in it where I can write, design, create music, and write this column. Once I start the engine, the lights shine in all directions for everyone to see. My thoughts are out of this world as I go light years beyond the present and just fly.

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