Beautiful yet bombastic is the feel of “Blood”, the lead single and title track off of In This Moment’s upcoming fourth album. Maybe Lady Gaga should take some style tips from ITB’s Maria BrinkĀ  when it comes to shock and awe. Filled with images both sexy and scary, Brink manages to be a chameleon as she conjures images of the pop queen during the black and white portions and Snow White’s Stepmother in others. Then there’s her creepy faceless court that lay at her throne and the militaristic latex clad persona in there as well.

“Blood” the song is a hard hitting industrial stomp with mechanical stutters, seething guitar solos and Brink’s whisper to a scream bark that’s synonymous with In This Moment’s sound.


Check out the video below and then check out the pre-orders for Blood (In stores August 14th through Century Media) here.



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