We haven’t really heard much from singer/songwriter since he appeared on The Roots’ reimagining of his own “The Seed.” That, folks, was 10 years ago. The assist from ?uestlove and company upped his profile and brought plaudits for his ambitious double album, The Headphone Masterpiece. Then, Cody pulled a Remy Shand and disappeared off the face of the Earth. Or maybe not. Apparently he released an EP in 2010. Where the hell was I?

Guess what, y’all? Cody’s back!! Landing On A Hundred is the title of his long-awaited sophomore release, and it was apparently recorded in Memphis, TN with a ten-piece live band. Retro-soul is the in thing for a large segment of hipsterville right now, so Cody should fit well in that particular pocket.

A Kickstarter campaign has been launched to help fund Landing On A Hundred, and you can contribute here.

You can also download a new track called “That’s Still Mama” on this very site!! I’m digging the cut, it’s thoughtful, soulful, plain old good music.

Cody ChesnuTT’s new track, “That’s Still Mama.”

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