Combining ’90’s hip-hop elements, 80’s new wave, and some of the best club anthems this side of an Ibiza compilation, Bright Light Bright Light delivers the dance soundtrack of the summer. Filled with some of the catchiest melodies and most memorable hooks, Make Me Believe In Hope is an album that flies high above normal Pop standards. On the surface, the glossy sheen of some of the songs may seem cheesy but it works on every level and compels listeners to keep this album on repeat.

Fans of The Postal Service yearning for that sophomore album that will never come should check out Bright Light Bright Light as well. If opener “Immature” doesn’t remind you of the emo/electro hybrid then you might wanna turn in your indie cred badge. “Feel It” incorporates old school ’90’s hip-hop beats and then Mykal Kilgore’s soulful vocals kick in and listeners are transported to a world when C & C Music Factory ruled the charts. Then there’s the Depeche Mode feel of “Love Part II” with an elegant chorus that will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. The first three tracks alone are worth the price of the full-length but luckily, MMBIH only gets better as one delves deeper.

“Cry At Films” is reminiscent of Kenna’s unique voice and quite beautiful. “Moves” is a journey in hypnotic electro excess while “A New Word To Say” just screams vintage ’80’s. By the half way point, listeners will be asking themselves: “Is there a bad song on Make Me Believe In Hope?”. The answer is no.  “Feel Good Hit (s) Of The Summer”? That’s Make Me Believe In Hope in a nutshell.

Make Me Believe In Hope by Bright Light Bright Light is available now. Pick it up digitally here.

Grade: A

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