Wanna know how I got introduced to Swedish band Little Dragon?

The fucking FRAY.

Yep, the “How To Save A Life” guys-not a crew you’d figure would be into the neo-soul/electronica stylings of Little Dragon, hipped me to the band via Twitter maybe a year or so ago. I’d seen them mentioned from time to time on the ‘net, and actually owned a Gorillaz album that they appeared on without delving any further into their music.

Better late than never, I guess. Little Dragon is pretty damn dope. They certainly don’t sound like what one would expect a Swedish-based outfit fronted by a Japanese woman to sound like (is that racist?) Their cool, laid back sound is perfect for summer chillout time. I’d certainly advise you to pick up their album Ritual Union. Amazon had their catalog on sale for $5.99 right around the holidays last year, and even though I rarely buy digital, I had to grab them.

At any rate, Little Dragon have teamed up with the folks at Absolut Vodka (something I discovered many years ago and have loved since) for an ad campaign that features the new song “Sunshine.” The gently pulsing number is a little more uptempo than most of the stuff I like for them, but it’s still a pretty sweet song–looking forward to hearing new music from these folks.

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