It would only be fitting to begin this column with an appropriate song, “Radio”. Coincidentally, the vocalist on this track is named Lyfe (pronounced life).

I think we all have the power to change our situations to some magnitude. Why deal with the hands we are dealt if they’re not winning for us? I guess when you’re playing this game called life, there aren’t really too many rules. However you realize soon enough that you can’t bring a go fish mentality to a game of poker. And, though the other players surrounding you might have placed bets that they can not afford to cash, you’re unconcerned because your reality is if you have too many of the wrong cards in your hand, you are being cheated and worst of all you are losing.

Have you seen my childhood? My parents have no baby pictures of me. They couldn’t afford them. My family didn’t have a home to call our own for some time so we moved like nomads and found roofs to put over our heads through the kindness of relatives. I bet one of them have a black and white of my mug. I used to look at the broken toys that my cousins had and wondered why I didn’t have any. Later in my years I would be showered with any action figure a young boy’s heart desired but you couldn’t tell me that when I didn’t have it.

Shame on me for being a sneaker fanatic at 15 years old. I fell in love with the latest trends in footwear and paid the cost. While I was following trends I hadn’t noticed the two goons following me as I left the sneaker store. A few blocks down my bag was taken away from me while I layed on my face on top of a pile of garbage bags that smelled like they were there for days.

When I hit my 30’s I had already felt in some ways I had lived the life of two people as if one wasn’t enough. I had a good job but wasn’t content. No matter what my feelings were though I did my best. And just for the effort you would think the rewards would come raining down on me. Not even a pat on the back. Hours became strenuous, the ride home became more dangerous, cost of living went up; to many, this is normal life. After a while claustrophobia sets in and we feel trapped; not knowing which direction to go in.

Through it all, I found my peace. As I reflect with a strong yet subtle drink on the rocks and turn on my music player, I am taken away into a world of instruments with notes that massage the nerves that need to be calmed. It is then that I realize no matter the storm, I’d make it through.

“No matter where in my life I am, that’s my jam”

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