America’s sweetheart is down with hip-hop. OH NOES!!!

I shouldn’t be so cynical. However, I can’t help but think that the idea of Taylor Swift doing a video with rapper B.o.B. (as inoffensive as he is to even people who are scared of rappers) might piss off a certain segment of her fanbase. So, I guess, kudos to Tay-Tay for stepping outside her comfort zone–slightly.

B.o.B. has never lied about his multi-genre aspirations. I mean, dude plays the guitar, he’s hooked up (musically) with Hayley Williams of Paramore as well as Rivers Cuomo of Weezer. I suppose hip-hop purists would be as pissed as country purists. Then again, I don’t know how many hip-hop purists would be checking for B.o.B. anyway.

At any rate, the two have teamed up for the single and video “Both Of Us,” and both song and video scream smash hit. I’d be very surprised if this doesn’t result in a reversal of fortune for B.o.B.’s latest album, Strange Clouds, which has sold only moderately since its’ release not too long ago. In the grand scheme of hip-hop/country cross-pollination, B.o.B./Taylor definitely > Nelly/Tim McGraw.

Check out the video below.

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