The only Snow White that matters this summer is not the one shown in theaters but the one played through your Ipod headphones. If you’re a fan of Circa Survive or early dredg, then Halifax, England’s Wot Gorilla? will surely appeal to your aural senses.

If you think you have the band figured out, though, just wait until you get into the latter half of “Snow White” and the technical intricacies within. As for the video, by today’s standards it’s above the rest especially the twist at the end which plays off the songs more aggressive moments.

You can download “Snow White” for free from Wot Gorilla’s Bandcamp page or from Soundcloud. Check out the video below and be sure to check out their debut album Kebnekaise this August. And for more on Wot Gorilla?, be sure to head over to their Facebook, Twitter, and official page for more info.


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