Brooklyn-based underground emcee, Brown Bag All-Star, and vaunted ex-battle rapper Soul Khan has released the latest in his deeply personal “Soulstice” series, “Soulstice 4”. Unspooling razor-sharp lyrical imagery over a mournful piano theme (nicked from Mass Effect 3) and some choice Peter Finch soundbites from Sidney Lumet’s incendiary film Network, Khan’s focused approach is lyric-based; a consummate lyricist, Khan steamrolled a series of soul-laced hip-hop beats on his Wellstone EP earlier this year, but here pares down the beat to make room for raw delivery.

As the man himself said, “Soulstice 4, like the prior three, is like the ultimate musical status update, in which I tell fans in as potent and honest terms as I know how I feel about my life and the world that it occupies. As always, it is over a borrowed non-hip hop musical source that reflects the tone of the song as well as my contemporary cultural influences. This all sounds way too pretentious, so fuck it, I’ll put it like this: Soulstice means the “realest shit I ever wrote” and this is the last part of the series, so enjoy.” Listen to “Soulstice 4” below, and then head over to Soul’s Soundcloud page to give the first three installments a listen.

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