While The Avengers has set a high bar for what constitutes a summer smash hit, there are still plenty of big name contenders looking to steal the crown of biggest blockbuster of 2012. And The Dark Knight Rises is easily the most likely challenger.

We’ve seen speculations and sneak peeks and footage from the film for over a year now, so instead of explaining the newest trailer, or just saying, “Look, it’s a trailer!”, here are a few new facts (new to me at least) that we can glean from the latest, most coherent look at next month’s most anticipated film.

1)      Bane looks to tap into the Occupy zeitgeist of the time

The villains of Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy have always been stand-ins for bigger concepts: Ra’s al Ghul representing divine cleansing of a morally corrupt society and the Joker representing anarchy. Based on the trailer’s footage of Bane leading his army of convicts into the midst of Gotham’s financial district, it looks like this film’s chief focus will be on overthrowing the control of the wealthy elite, something very much on the minds of many around the world. At the very least, it shows the promise of a slightly more nuanced villain than in The Avengers, though it’s not too hard to seem more serious than a demented Norse god in alliance with aliens.

2)      Catwoman looks more like a person, less like an S&M wet dream

Donning a simple face mask and what appears to be fabric, rather than skin tight leather, Nolan looks like he’s righting the comic over-sexualization of Catwoman that began with Batman Returns and reached its nadir (or apex if you’re a pervert) in the 2004 “furry turd” (my words) that was Catwoman. Plus it’s Anne Hathaway, who doesn’t need to dress like she’s in Skinny Puppy to be sexy.

3)      Nolan still knows how to break the tension with one-liners

There’s no doubt that the Dark Knight trilogy (and really DC comics in general) take a darker tone than most comic book fare. But Nolan has always been able to pepper in just enough levity, thanks in large part to Morgan Freeman and Michael Cain, to keep things from getting too over-bearing. The trailer has a couple jokes, mostly about Wayne losing his car, that promise that Nolan hasn’t gone too far down Somber Street.

4)      The Batplane makes its triumphant appearance and looks like the Tumbler

As a kid, my Batplane toy (with real working missile launchers) was one of my most prized possessions.  Longtime fans of the Bat can rejoice, because Nolan is once again giving us new gadgets in the Dark Knight Rises. I am sure the plane will play an integral part in at least one action set piece (just as the Batcycle did in The Dark Knight).

5)      This movie needs to be seen in IMAX

Not really a new fact, but the sweeping cinematography and massive explosions deserve to be wrought in two story digital glory propelled by a ridiculous wall of speakers. Sure it’s going to run you $18. But it already costs $10 to see Battleship so comparatively it’s a steal!

Bonus Fact: Marvel and DC nerds will be flaming the internet all summer long

Based on just the comment section of the trailer on YouTube, get ready to hear how much better/worse The Avengers was than The Dark Knight Rises. No, you can’t like both! Choose one! Now! DO IT! Then go berate everyone who picked differently.

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