“Big Hoops” didn’t exactly work out for Nelly Furtado, as the first single from her upcoming The Spirit Indestructible album hasn’t exactly set the world on fire, despite a stilt-walking video and a clutch of ’90s pop culture references. For single #2, the Canadian songstress has teamed up with Salaam Remi for the dark-hued jam “Something.” I can’t say this song makes me any more excited for Nelly’s fourth English-language album, but it does make me very excited for Life Is Good, the upcoming album by Nelly’s guest rapper, Nas. Mr. Jones drops a hot 16 in the middle of the song, saving it from mediocrity and turning it into a song that just might be worth my $1.29. Man, there are some times when that Nas/Jay-Z debate actually kinda makes me think a little bit… The Spirit Indestructible will be in stores and online September 18th. Nas’s Life Is Good hits stores on July 17th.

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