So, in the new Fiona Apple video “Every Single Night,” we’ve got our heroine being stalked by a giant snail, in bed next to a man with a white undershirt, boxers and an animal head, random shots of what appears to be a human brain, and so many quick cuts you might get whiplash. So far, so Fiona.

Ms. Apple has always been as intriguing a visual artist as she has been a musician, and this clip-although it may be the strangest video she’s ever done-is as delightfully off-kilter as the song is.

“Every Single Night” is the first official single from The Idler Wheel…, which hits stores on June 19th.

Thanks to JayVee at The Round Table for hipping us to the video.

News Flash!: You can listen to The Idler Wheel at NPR by clicking here.

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