If you were disappointed by the debut single from Serj Tankian’s debut album Harakiri (I was), you’re in luck. Tankian’s second released track, “Cornucopia”, finds America’s favorite Armenian poet/singer/top hot aficionado returning to a more convention sound for him. Shimmering arpeggios and driving clean distortion back up the soaring vocals, featuring Tankian’s mildly inscrutable lyrics (“kiss an ugly turtle and make it cry”) centering on humanity’s destructive tendencies and nature’s violent responses to them in the form of tsunamis and earthquakes. It’s all very mythopoeic and apocalyptic stuff, or in other words, what we expect from the mind of Serj Tankian.

Check out the official lyric video below, and let us know how you think “Cornucopia” stacks up to Serj’s other songs. Harakiri is available July 10.

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