Clams Casino is one of the most insanely talented producers working today. If for whatever you missed out on his acclaimed Instrumental Mixtape or the equally badass EP Rainforest: Clams produces these dank hip-hop/ambient instrumentals, loaded with fuzzed out synthesizers, warped vocal samples, crunk snares, wind chimes or whatever the fuck else he can squeeze into a track. If Burial, Aphex Twin and Juicy J collaborated on a project together—well, it probably wouldn’t sound anything like Clams’s work, but for the sake of obligatory bullshit descriptors, let’s go with that one.

A few days back, Sir Casino released his second instrumental mixtape, featuring tracks he’s produced or remixed over the past year for artists like A$AP Rocky, Lil B, Mac Miller, Lana del Ray and Washed Out. It also contains an unreleased track (“Human”), and the original mix of “The Fall” off The Weeknd’s Echoes of Silence, which sounds like getting baked as fuck and watching a hydrogen bomb rip through a forgotten continent in reverse. Shit will inevitably be lost.

You can (legally) grab Instrumental Mixtape 2 here.

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