Crouching tiger, hidden pop star…

For the visual attached to their sparkly collaboration “Princess of China,” Coldplay’s Chris Martin and Rihanna head out to the Far East. Chris…well, Chris doesn’t do a hell of a lot. He kinda flies through the air a couple of times. Meanwhile, Ri-Ri rocks the latest in her assortment of wigs and does that ice-princess thing she does so well. Reversing a trend that’s continued through her last, oh-10 or so videos, she actually keeps her clothes on for this one. Surprises, eh?

Even if you were turned off by the chemistry-deficient, off-key performance they turned in at the Grammys earlier this year, I still think this song is worth digging. I can’t say that the video really adds anything, but hey…if you dig martial arts films (and I’m not talking about the B-level Channel 5 Bruce Lee joints) then you might wanna give this one a look-see.

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