I’ll be honest, I haven’t really liked The Hives since 2004’s Tyrannosaurus Hives. They’ve been taking way too long in between records and the results have been mixed at best (The Black & White Album as the only and prime example). Five years after their last studio album and it’s easy to think that their latest Lex Hives could easily be swept under the rug and The Hives could just be forgotten about. But can anyone ever really forget the awesome might of The Hives? Lex Hives is the album to insure that you don’t.

What a refreshing slab of rawk Lex Hives is. “Come On!” is the perfect opening. It’s simple but the intent is clear: We are The Hives and we are back! Next up, single “Go Right Ahead” lumbers along with a chorus reminiscent of ELO’s “Don’t Bring Me Down” (To the point where ELO member Jeff Lynne even got a songwriting credit!). If you want some diversity on your Hives albums then wait until you get a load of bombastic “I Want More” which comes off as a punk rock AC/DC circa Dirty Deeds. “Wait A Minute Now” is another stand out with a repetitive and off beat opening and chorus that meshes well with the rest of the song structure.
However, if you like pure, unbridled The Hives rawk moments then Lex Hives has plenty of those for you. Songs like “Patrolling Days” harken back to Veni Vidi Vicious along with “These Spectacles Reveal The Nostalgicsand “If I Had A Cent”, the latter of which could easily sit on Tyrannosaurus Hives next to “No Pun Intended” in terms of greatness.

In conclusion, The Hives are back. Buy Lex Hives right friggin’ now.

Lex Hives is out on June 5th.

Grade: A+

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