Hope everyone’s slept off their food comas following what’s been a beautiful Memorial Day weekend in the Northeast U.S. Now, it’s off to the record store for a handful of new releases.

Scissor Sisters and Casablanca Records are a match made in dance music heaven. Also, I didn’t know Casablanca Records was still around. The home of Donna Summers and the Village People is the perfect place for the neo-disco Sisters, who are releasing their fourth album today. Magic Hour is the name of the album, and it features production from of-the-moment boardsmen like Calvin Harris, Diplo and Pharrell Williams. If Jake Shears can keep his more shrill falsetto moments in check, we might have a winner here!

Regina Spektor is probably still best known for her hit single “Fidelity” from a few years back. The Russian-born singer/songwriter has a quirky musical style which isn’t usually top 40-friendly. Nevertheless, she maintains a dolif core of fans, many of whom will likely go out and purchase her new album, What We Saw From The Cheap Seats. She is co-producing the album with Mike Elizondo, who knows his quirky piano-playing singer-songwriters, having worked on Fiona Apple’s Extraordinary Machine.

I got into Sigur Ros for a minute. I thought () (which is a decade old…geez) was a pretty solid (or at the very least, interesting) album. Much like Regina Spektor, they’re too far onto the quirky end of the spectrum for me to enjoy consistently, but they do have a strong cult of followers. Valtari is the name of their latest album.

I recognize the name Crystal Bowersox from GG’s weekly “American Idol” posts, although I don’t know much about her beyond that. Apparently, she’s avoided the 19 Music death trap and is going the indie route for her debut (I think) album, called Once Upon A Time… Probably makes more sense for her to do that, since it’s not like the major label system has been kind to too many Idols in the last couple of years (hell, I think Philip Phillips is already half-chewed and spit out already.)

Other releases of note include Public Image Ltd.‘s first album in 20 years, the return of post-grunge band 12 Stones (didn’t the singer from that group appear on Evanescence’s “Bring Me To Life?” and indie favorites The Walkmen, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, and quirky singer-songwriter Marissa Nadler. See? We end where we start. Sort of…

On The Reissue Tip: I remember selling tons of Grateful Dead Dick’s Picks CDs when I worked at Tower Records in the Nineties. I didn’t know that they were still a thing, but…real Deadheads will buy anything!! Volumes 29,30, and 31 are out today. There’s also Hip-O Select reissues from new Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame nominees The Faces as well as longtime HOF’ers The Supremes. Sony Music’s Playlist series is releasing a plethora of volumes today as well, from artists ranging from Britney Spears to Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show.

WTF Release of the Week: Some of these Playlist volumes are just fucking ridiculous. Lit? Ciara? The Fugees? Unless you’re including Wyclef and Lauryn’s solo hits (OK, and “Ghetto Supastar,”) then what could possibly be on this album? “Nappy Heads” and The Score in it’s entirety?

Your destination for even more awesome new release news? Pause And Play, of course.

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