I’ve been watching this show now for five months and I had no idea the final performances show was tonight. No idea at all. And I still have no idea why.

One good thing is that it’s a one-hour show which means it will be all performances with little fluff.

It’s Phillip vs. Jessica in the finals. Can Jessica break a five-year drought and win one for the females (Jordin Sparks was the last female to win)? Or will Phillip follow a similar theme and win one for the dudes?

The first song is Simon Fuller’s pick, the second is their own favorite performance, and the third is their single if they win.

Jessica Sanchez starts off the show with Whitney Houston’s I Have Nothing. I think by now, we’re sick of her singing Whitney Houston, so it takes a little bit of the steam off the performance, which was slightly nervous. We’re not used to Jessica being nervous.

Phillip Phillips is singing Stand By Me. I wanted to like it, but it was a bit more syrupy than I could take. I think Jessica wins round one, but neither really had a standout performance.

Randall says round one probably went to Jessica.

Jason Derülo is on my TV screen. I guess I spoke too early about fluff.

Jessica is up next with her favorite performance, The Prayer. It was pretty much the powerful performance she needed to swing some of the votes. Phillip needs to come up big.

He’s singing Movin’ Out. It was a memorable performance the first time and it was good again, but maybe not as good this time. I think Jessica wins round two as well.

Steven Tyler just doesn’t like him some Phillip Phillips. He chose Jessica. Randall chose a draw. Jenny Lo chose Phillip. I still think Jessica is up 2-0 and she’s ready to go for the TKO.

Jessica’s single provided she wins is called Change Nothing. I would surely change something about this song. You’ve taken a girl whose best trait is that she has a belting voice and you normalize her with this adult contemporary ballad. This wasn’t a good song Jimmy Iovine. I’m not buying it on iTunes. Randall says he didn’t love the song, but she made something more out of the song. Jenny Lo didn’t like the song either and says her song choices have to be about her. Steven says he didn’t think it was the right song for her.

Phillip’s song provided he wins is called Home and it’s pure Phillip. It’s the perfect song for him, sort of like the new stuff John Mayer is doing with the countrified rock style. He clearly wins round three and I’m not so sure that this is in the bag for Jessica now. If she won round three, I thought it’d be an easy win for her tomorrow night. But this works tremendously well for Phillip. Randall says he loves the song, Phil, the production, and the marching band. Jenny Lo says there’s nothing on the radio that sounds like that. Steven says he was perfect and he’s the man.

I had hoped that Jessica cleaned him out, because I think it will take everything for her to win just based on history. But that last song may have won it for Phillip. My heart bleeds Jessica (well, it probably bleeds Elise), but my head says it’s Phillip’s title.

Seacrest out!

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