Looking on the back of your CD copy of Mayer Hawthorne’s How Do You Do? and wondering where the hell the song “Henny & Gingerale” is? Well, guess what? It’s not on it! “Henny” is a bonus cut available on the digital version only, and the Detroit-based soul singer has just shot a video for the uptempo cut.

There ain’t much to it, really. Mayer is in his geek-chic glory, presiding over a house party full of attractive young ladies. There is hella product placement for Hennessy, so I’m imagining the liquor company ponied up some dough. I guess Canada Dry or Schweppes didn’t come through with their half, though.

The song’s fun enough, although a bit on the lightweight side for me. This video actually seems more like a commercial than an actual music clip. I guess you gotta take the paper wherever you can get it.

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