Tiffany aka (@TVProducerLady) and I are back, back again. Yes, we’re back, tell a friend. (Tiffany is a huge Eminem fan, so that was a little shout-out to her man.)

We’re back to discuss the top three in this season’s American Idol. We declare Jessica, Joshua, and Phillip as the best final three in American Idol history. And we don’t just declare it without backup. We go through every season’s top three and remind you how unmemorable these top threes were. We also go rewind and look back at all of the eliminations so far.

But before that, we discuss today’s big news in Britney Spears-land. Britney is co-hosting season 2 of the X Factor. And in a surprise, young Demi Lovato is also along for the ride. We talk about the news and Tiffany tells us a story of the time she danced for Britney and didn’t even know it.

Kick back, put on your headphones, and listen to us nerd-out about American Idol.

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