I can’t believe what I’m saying but if you really crave Ministry circa A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste or The Land Of Rape And Honey, then black metallers Nachtmystium are looking to fill that void for you. On “As Made” (Released as a 7″ only and not a part of their next studio album Silencing Machine due July 31st on Century Media), Nachtmystium blast back after a two year gap ready to raise the bar again.

“As Made” is a throbbing slab of repetitive beats and buzzsaw guitar sounds with vocalist Blake Judd giving one of the most monstrous vocal performances of his career. Listen below and hear for yourself.

“As Made” will be released on May 15th through Century Media. Get your copy here featuring the exclusive Joy Division cover “The Eternal” as a B-Side featuring Chris Connelly.



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