Please, please, please say that “You’ll Stay” is the harbinger for a new Tom Vek record in 2012. It was too long between Vek’s stellar debut We Have Sound and his follow-up Leisure Seizure so a quick album number three would make sense, right? Since last year’s sophomore stand out, Vek’s been remixing like crazy, playing overseas (Please come to North America for a proper tour?), and laying down unforgettable vocals to DJ Shadow songs (“Warning Call” off of Shadow’s The Less You Know, The Better).

“You’ll Try” was released on April 30th and hits like the perfect mixture of WHS and Leisure with leanings more toward the former. Featuring a memorable synth intro over a drum ‘n’ bass beat (Seriously, this is the second song I reviewed today with d’n’b in it) with lines delivered as only Vek can. If this is a sign of what’s to come, count me in.

You can buy “You’ll Stay” in the link below.



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