So, I can’t say that I’ve been sold on much of the latest hipster-soul that’s bee buzzing in the past couple of years. Granted, hipster-soul isn’t really a “thing,” but it’s my term for artists like James Blake and Sam Sparro, who have gained favor in the Pitchfork community recently.

And that’s not to say that Jamie Woon is “hipster-soul,” per se, but there are enough similarities between the artists I mentioned and him that one could lump all of them together.

Except for the fact that his debut album, Mirrorwriting, is dope. Really dope.

It’s definitely an electronic-based album, but the melodies are really strong, and Jamie has a pleasant voice that’s not trying too hard. It’s sort of like the British version of a Foreign Exchange album (which is definitely a compliment–I love those guys.)

I discovered Jamie through my friend (and Popblerd staffer) Mike A.’s review of Mirrorwriting, which you can find here. I listened to the track “Lady Luck” (video included below) and immediately headed over to Amazon to sample a few other tracks and buy the album, which has been out in the U.K. for just a little over a year, but wasn’t released on these shores until the top of 2012.

Other tracks to check out include “Spiral,” which sounds like Robin Thicke meets Paolo Nutini, and the short-but-sweet “Echoes,” on which Woon unleashes a ridiculous falsetto.

If you’re starved for good modern R&B music in 2012, hipster or no, Mirrorwriting will be like a plate of Mom’s home cooking for you.

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