Earlier this morning, Big Money posted Nasty Nas’ new single Daughters, which is an ode to the fathers with daughters who are growing up a little too quickly and rebelliously for their tastes. I decided to keep up with the Nas theme for the Friday Throwback.

In 1996, the Fugees blew up thanks to the power of the single Killing Me Softly from their sophomore album, The Score. It was also Lauryn Hill’s commercial introduction to the pop world. Just three days before Killing Me Softly was dropped as a single, Nas’ first single from his second album, It Was Written, dropped as well.

It was pretty sweet timing that both artists were starting to blow up outside of hip hop right at the same time and it provided a pretty powerful pairing.

Here’s the 1996 video to If I Ruled The World (Imagine That), directed by Hype Williams:

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